Sicon CRM


This module is a highly functional CRM solution for company, contact, case, opportunity, tasks, notes and reminders – all fully integrated with Sage 200. Including customer classification, opportunity management with sales territories, targets and dashboards, case management with tracking workflow, customer drop-off alerts and outlook style pop-up reminders. For users outside of Sage there is also a mobile app and web version to ensure every user is always connected. 

Key Features

  • Sicon CRM is installed and maintained as an add-on within Sage 200.
  • Migrate and link all existing Sage 200 customers, suppliers and contacts into CRM.
  • Create Company and Contact records for prospects, engineers, admin contacts or prospective suppliers without creating sales or purchase ledger accounts in Sage 200.
  • Option to create sales and purchase ledger accounts later and link the contact record details to them.
  • Create additional contacts against sales and purchase accounts where the CRM users have no access to the Sage 200 ledgers.
  • Create opportunities from Sage 200 quotes and track quotes through to orders with lost / won statistics.
  • Manage Project based opportunities where multiple clients may request the same quote for a single project.
  • Use CRM Contacts in Sicon Hire and Service Manager for end user details.
  • Keep notes and actions completed or set tasks and reminders for yourself or other users on sales orders, purchase orders, stock item or other Sage 200 modules.

Key Features

  • A Sage 200 Desktop list provides a list of tasks, actions and reminders assigned to the user.
  • Pop-up reminders are provided for tasks and notes with due dates and times.
  • Mobile app provided for external sales personnel including access to accounts data and products/sales history plus client visit reports.
  • Data security maintained between allocated sales staff and customer sales data via territory controls.
  • Notification to salesperson of accounts that have falling sales activity based on configurable rules.
  • Notification to sales people of reminders set for them in Sage 200 against orders and accounts.
  • Notification of overdue activities.
  • Filter contacts based on user definable criteria to produce e-marketing lists.
  • Simple ‘per named user’ licensing for both Sage 200 and mobile users.
  • Activity reports available for any user on all activities completed or scheduled to be complete.
  • Reports available in Sage 200 report designer to allow simple amenability and new report creation.