End of Life for Sage 50 Manufacturing

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As manufacturing is one of our areas of expertise, The Sage People have had numerous inquiries coming through after Sage announced End of Life (EOL) for Sage 50 Manufacturing.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just considering your options, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

In the meantime, we have therefore put together this handy guide on what this could mean for you if you are still using Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Key Dates for Sage 50 Manufacturing EOL:

1st October 2020 – Sage 50 Manufacturing will move into extended support.
1st November 2020 – The price of Sage 50 manufacturing will increase by 40%.
1st December 2020 – No new sales will be processed. You will not be able to buy it anymore.
30th September 2021 – All support and services for Sage 50 Manufacturing will cease.

Having considered the current marketplace, we are recommending Sapman V12 as the best of breed replacement. Sapman V12 enables businesses to retain their Sage 50 Accounts and have an advanced ERP solution that is functionally rich, very competitively priced, and fully supported while having a continuous development programme driven by the users.


After 30th September 2021, will my Sage 50 Manufacturing Software still work?

It will continue to work after 30th September 2021. But after this date, Sage will no longer support the software. We, therefore, recommend upgrading to the latest release of Sapman V12 before 30th September 2021.

Will support be available after 30th September 2021?

We will continue to support you with your Sage 50 Manufacturing for as long as needed, but Sage will no longer offer 2nd line support on the product from this date. As such, there may be circumstances that arise from Windows upgrades/updates or from Sage upgrades that result in an issue occurring in the software that we may be unable to rectify.
Can I purchase additional users for Sage 50 Manufacturing?

Not after 1st December 2020. Beyond this date, Sage will no longer accept any orders for this product.

Why should I upgrade to SapmanV12?

Sage 50 Manufacturing has had very little development work in recent years and is now running on old technology. Sapman V12 is the ideal replacement and can do everything your current Sage 50 Manufacturing does but is fully supported with additional features and benefits.

So, if you are a Sage 50 Manufacturing user and considering your options, please contact us now for a chat and, if appropriate, a remote product demonstration. We will be delighted to help!

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