Manufacturing integration for Sage 200

With the approved manufacturing integration for Sage 200, you can streamline the manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to your customers’ changing demands.

Sage 200 integrated manufacturing solutions have functionality around Made-To-Order and Made-To-Stock Manufacturing as well as Assemble-To-Order.


Create and manage production orders and then post the consumption and output to production orders. Once the production order is created, you can calculate net requirements based on that production.  

The Production Orders module also includes a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning. The Bill of Materials is powerful, functional, and easy-to-maintain. 

With Agile Manufacturing, you can plan rush orders, make exceptions, and handle last-minute changes to your manufacturing processes with multiple planning options and a full audit trail.

Sage 200 integrated Manufacturing Solutions includes

  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Projects
  • Bill of Materials
  • Works Order Processing
  • Estimating and Capacity
  • Planning
  • Material Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Labour Recording
  • Kitting
  • Standard Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing companies utilise core sales, stock, and purchasing features to buy and sell finished items

The manufacturing module provides additional control to consume raw materials and manage different machine or human activities before outputting finished items.

The bill of materials and routing mechanisms support an MRP process, and production orders (forecasted, planned, and firm planned) are created to consume components.

Back or forward flushing is available, as well as discrete issuing of materials. Features such as scrap management and sub-contractor manufacture are also integrated parts of the manufacturing module.

For more simple processes, Sage 200 integrated with Manufacturing Solutions provide a stand-alone kitting module, which allows for the simple creation of an assembly order, removing the components from stock, and creating finished items in one easy process.