The Sage Doctor - our Sage 200 Project Rescue Service

Get a Free Sage 200 Health Check from The Sage Doctor

Are your users struggling to complete what should be simple processes, entering data multiple times or using workarounds that could be avoided if Sage 200’s functionality or wealth of add-on products was better understood? If you are concerned that your Sage 200 isn’t performing as it should, our free Sage 200 Health Check helps you get to the origin of your system issues, both known and unknown.

One of our experienced Sage 200 consultants will review how your system is performing and being used by your staff. They will produce a simple plan of action to resolve your current issues and provide a strategic plan, all free of charge, to ensure your Sage 200 solution is fit for purpose for years to come.

The Sage 200 Health Check takes up to a day to complete. Our consultants will then write-up their findings and recommendations and talk you through them at a time that suits you. We complete this service free of charge because we believe that our Sage 200 knowledge is second to none, and we feel sure that having listened to what we find, you will want to transfer your annual support, as many have previously done, to The Sage People.

Frequent Causes of Project Failure

  • You’ve lost confidence in your current partner due to poor product knowledge, or lack of implementation experience
  • You don’t have the skills or capacity to fully exploit Sage 200
  • There is poor user adoption through inadequate training
  • Promises have been repeatedly broken
  • The original project team have now moved on
  • You don’t have access to a product expert who can give you the answers you need

Common Reason for Support Issues

We feel we can improve the user experience of most Sage 200 solutions within the Sage community.

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help in resolving your support issues contact us.

How We Help

If your Sage 200 project isn’t delivering the expected results, we can help you quickly recover the situation. The Sage People has a proven record for taking on existing projects and deployed systems, and bringing them back in line to meet customer expectations.

Our dedicated consultants, developers and Relationship Managers have dealt with most failed situations. We have the experience to assess the system and create a plan to rescue your project and bring it back to a satisfactory position.

Our credentials at The Sage People?

  • The Sage People have many years of unrivalled  Sage 200 product knowledge 
  • A can do attitude to problem solving
  • An open and honest approach
  • Focused on achieving rapid results
  • Technical expertise and mentoring for long term success
  • We have been implementing & supporting Sage solutions for 30 years